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The Sisters of Charity began their services at St. John’s Medical College and Hospital and the Nursing School since 1982. The hospital is situated in the south of the city of Bangalore. It is a National Academy and is governed by the Conference of Bishops of India; hence it is an independent institution. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. The Institution has 1200 beds for inpatients distributed among various departments. More than 1500 students reside here and are studying in different institutions such as the Medical College, College of Nursing and attending other courses. Students hail from all over India. About 1000 employees are also lodged in different hostels in the campus. More than 4000 employees render their services in different departments of the hospital and teaching institutions. About 400 sisters belonging to 93 religious congregations render their services as staff and students. Most of the helpers are from low socio-economic and different cultural backgrounds.

The community of Karunalaya was officially erected as a community on 24th June 1996 in view of better service. At present sisters are involved in Administrative Services in the College of Nursing, education of the student nurses, patient care in the hospital, faith formation of students and staff nurses and service in the hostels as wardens and take care of the formation of our student sisters.

*NAVA JEEVAN - is the off-shoot of Karunalaya which consists of three sisters who render full time service in Central Jail Bangalore (Prison Ministry) where more than 4,000 prisoners are detained. Special care is given to the Catholics teaching them catechism and preparing them for the sacraments. They also extend their service to persons of all faiths through their good word and counselling. Sisters work in collaboration with the pastoral plan of the diocese. They are also involved as members in Prison Ministry of India (PMI). 


Prem Sadan Convent is located in Chikkakammanahalli in South East Bangalore. The Sisters of Charity started their mission in the year 1970.  The aim of the mission was to build the faith of the Catholic communities who were a mixture of Tamil and Telugu languages.  Their main apostolate was teaching and pastoral work. The Sisters started teaching in the lower Primary School which already existed.  The majority of our beneficiaries come from lower middle class. They are often affected by social evils such as drunkenness, immoral life, exploitation of women and girls and exploitation of the poor by the land lords.  70% of the people are Catholics; 30% are Hindus and Muslims. Faith formation is the most urgent need of the hour.  The sisters encourage the youth and orient them towards a value based life.


The mission of ‘Snehalaya’ was started in 1975, after having made a study of the socio-economic, cultural and ecclesial situation of the place which is 48 kms away from Bangalore city. In 1979, the community was erected mainly with the intention of reviving and strengthening the faith of the Catholics and to render health care to the people of Solur and of the surrounding villages since they could not have access to any hospital. 

Moved with compassion and considering the health needs of the people of the village, a dispensary was started and later a hospital was constructed and Nursing Aid Course was introduced. To take care of the unemployed a Rehabilitation Centre was opened in 1977 and an embroidery class was started in 1978. To save and safeguard the life of the abandoned babies a Crèche was opened and adoption work was taken up in 1979. Being provoked by so many young girls/women without education and struggling to maintain their family life the sisters felt the need to start a Grihini Training Centre and a Nursery School.

The sisters are engaged in the education of children, promotion of health and hygiene and prevention of AIDs, eradication of social evils such as abortion, alcoholism and superstitious beliefs. In order to reach out in service to the remote villages they organize various activities: mobile dispensary, medical camps, awareness programmes, and self employment schemes.

The sisters render their active service in the parish which has 130 families. The Catholics here need to be strengthened in their knowledge and practice of the Christian faith. Faith formation and continual follow up work, teaching catechism and preparing the people for the reception of sacraments are the services they offer to the parish community.


The community was started on 11th May 1957, as a welcoming community to provide accommodation to our sisters who came to Bangalore, the state capital on official work. It had a poor beginning with 4 sisters who stayed in a rented house. They also engaged themselves in the educational apostolate by opening a school in the same house for 27 poor children of the locality. Today it has a full-fledged school from Kindergarten to High School that provides God oriented and other oriented education towards life.

The Community is situated in 23, Gayatri Devi Park Extension Bangalore with a total population of 1,61,31,589 among whom the Christian population is 4,25,000. Bangalore is a fast growing city. Its population at large is subjected to certain hardships due to overcrowding and the knowledge sector has created a lot of job opportunities. Institutions for IT, professional studies and higher qualifications are on the increase. Being a metropolitan city, its people belong to various classes, religions and language groups. Families maintain isolation and anonymity. Christian life is rather superficial and often uncommitted. Increasing tension between language groups is a sore point in the local church. 

Inspired by the availability of Mother Mary - the Patroness, the sisters commit themselves to provide education especially to the socially and economically marginalized of this locality, to prepare them to secure decent employment so as to help them to live with human dignity. They give special attention to the poor and weak students through extra coaching classes, building closer relationships with the families by their visits and offering right orientation towards life through personal guidance. The sisters actively participate in the parish activities.