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Though ‘Shanthi Nivas’ at Bettadamane was started in the year 1983, as a house of prayer and a holiday home for the sisters of the Mangalore province, the community was officially erected only in the year 1993. The community of Shanthi Nivas is 14 Kms away from the town of Mudigere which is the Taluk head quarters. The Bettadamane village comes under the ecclesial jurisdiction of Gonibeedu parish of Chikmagalur diocese. In the year 2003, on September 3rd the original vision of the province was finally realized with the blessing and inauguration of the prayer house for the sisters of the province.

It is an estate area with coffee as the main crop. Economically and socially it is a developing area. A few landlords hold the sprawling coffee estates and fields, while the mass of people work under them as day labourers. Around 20% of the people are illiterate. 55% of men and 47% of women are addicted to alcohol. People are also prone to superstitious practices especially in times of death and misfortune in the families. Health and hygiene are poor. The moral tone of the families is poor and family bonds are weak.

Being provoked by the needs of the people, the sisters actively got involved in the faith formation of catholic families, parish apostolate, giving value based education to non Christian families, empowering the women and villagers and offering them assistance to maintain health and hygiene. Since the need for social action ministry is strongly felt they join hands with Chikmagalur Multi Social Service Society (CMSSS) and reach out to 12 villages of Mudigere Taluk. Through 206 Self Help Groups they help 2087 families, unmindful of castes, creeds or languages.