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Holy Redeemer’s Convent was erected on 29th June 1990 in order to cater to the needs of the people of Hosanagar.  The Primary needs were education, health care and upliftment of women. A kindergarten school, a small dispensary and a tailoring unit were opened on a temporary basis. As the local Govt. hospital soon improved, the dispensary was closed. Since there were no more candidates to learn tailoring, the unit was shut down. Recognizing the pressing need for education and urged by the active charity of the Redeemer, a school was constructed in 1993, which has grown today up to II PUC. To provide an opportunity for the young girls of the distant villages for education a girls’ hostel for high school and P.U.C students was started in 2006. The community is also engaged in the pastoral work. There exists a good relationship between the people of different faiths. The parish consists of 80 families. The youth are creative and need proper orientation.

*MALLIGE CONVENT - Shimoga is the off shoot of Hosanagar Community. Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo invited the sisters to render service in the Secretariat and the Bishop’s House at Shimoga in May 2000. Shimoga district has only 1% Christian presence. People suffer due to poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and superstitious practices.  The diocese is young, the clergy are few in number, and the message of Christ has not yet reached all the taluks.