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Don Bosio’s Convent was started at the request of Fr. Nicholas Pereira in 1966 with the aim of strengthening the faith of the Christian Community through education and socio-pastoral service.

Belman is in the District of Udupi with a Catholic population of 2,300. Most of the beneficiaries belong to the lower middle class and to economically poor families. They are often afflicted with moral problems such as alcoholism, superstitious beliefs, broken families etc. which lead to emotional imbalance and moral degradation resulting in increase in the number of HIV/AIDS patients. Being aware of the problems of the people, the sisters take care of the integral formation of the students, foster dignity of labour and eco-awareness. Create awareness of the existing social evils and work towards the eradication of the same.

*MEA SADAN - Mulky is the Offshoot of Don Bosio’s Convent - Belman, which was started in the year 2006. Complying with the decision of the XII Provincial Chapter, “to avail ourselves of the opportunities to get into institutions run by government and other agencies whenever necessary and possible” (Acts XXIV GC. 41), the sisters welcomed to render their services in St. Ann’s College of Nursing, managed by a lay person.


The community was erected at the request of Fr. Aloysius Rosario, on 4th June 1966 at Barkur, to provide moral and academic education. The sisters run the boarding house for poor girls of the nearby villages. Sisters also render their services in the parish school. In this socio-territorial context the population is 7,540 which comprise the Hindus, Christians and the Muslims. The total number of Catholics is 1476, consisting of 329 families. The social evils like suppression of women, alcoholism, broken families and neglect of the aged are some of the prevailing problems.

The sisters render their services in the high school and in the parish. They joyfully collaborate with others to impart moral and Christian values and take care of the faith formation and contribute for the promotion of women. The sisters take keen interest in inculcating the values in the children, youth and the parishioners through parish activities.


The community of Belve belongs to Udupi District far from the city. This community came into existence on the 1st of November 1970 at the request of Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil D’souza the then Bishop of Mangalore. It was to cater to the education of the children, to care for the boarding children and to take care of the family apostolate. The people are basically from a poor background and superstitions, illiteracy and poverty are the prevailing problems.

The sisters render their generous services by educating the socially and economically poor students of the locality. They also take care of the children in the boarding house, by providing them value based education. They promote faith formation of the Catholics, work for the empowerment of women, and visit the families of the students and the people in order to listen to their problems and help them to face the realities of life. Thus the sisters strive for the all round development of the children and the society.


The Sacred Heart Convent is situated in the center of Brahmavar on the National High way 17. The Sisters were invited here in the year 1938.  Right from the beginning the sisters’ presence was desired in order to instill and strengthen the Catholic faith. In view of this the sisters committed themselves to render their services in the Nirmala Higher Primary School run by the parish.  In 1963 Nirmala High School was started. Knowing that there are many villages without any school and many young girls are deprived of education, the sisters were inspired to open a Children’s home in order give them shelter and provide all-round education.  A little later the sisters felt their presence was required also in the neighbouring Parish of Pethri and offered their selfless services there too.

The Community belongs to Holy Family Church Brahmavar, of the Diocese of Udupi, with 500 families. The Population of these villages is around 40,000. The locality consists of Hindus, Muslims and Christians of various denominations. The people here are rather weak in moral values. There exists a problem of increased un-employment among the educated youth, suicidal tendencies, few instances of broken families and alcoholism among the Christians. The sisters take active part in the parish activities.


The Sisters of Charity were invited to Udyavar parish by the then Parish Priest late Rev Fr. Thomas D’ Souza in the year 1981. It was also the desire of the late Bishop Basil D’ Souza to start a community in the village of Udayavar. As per the request of the ecclesial authority the sisters began the mission with the aim of strengthening the faith of the Christian community through education and socio-pastoral activities as well as promoting women’s dignity and making them aware of their feminine role in the family, Church and society.

The locality consists of people belonging to various religions mainly Catholics, Hindus and Muslims. There is religious tolerance in this area.


St. Lawrence Convent at Attur, Karkal was established in 1958 with the purpose of imparting education to the children and to render pastoral services in the local church. In 1958 sisters were appointed in the parish Primary School. In 1960, the children’s home was started to accommodate those students of the parish who are poor and live far from the school. In 1992, the services of the sisters also were requested in the High School.

The community is situated in a place called Attur in Karkal taluk. It is a multi religious locality. There are a number of Catholic families in this area. Most of the people here belong to the lower middle class, are economically poor, socially marginalized and discriminated. They are often afflicted with moral problems such as drunkenness, broken families due to strained marital relationships. Though people possess a deep religiosity, the society is still threatened by communal problems. It is a pilgrimage centre dedicated to St. Lawrence. Pilgrims from all sides irrespective of caste, creed and religion flock to the shrine throughout the year in great numbers.