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Kripalaya Convent is situated in Karikal village, which is 3 kms away from the coastal town of Bhatkal, in North Canara district. It belongs to the diocese of Karvar. The sisters were asked by the Bishop of Karvar Most Rev. Dr. William D’Mello, to cater to the health needs of the people of the surrounding villages and to assist in the socio-pastoral activities. In response to this invitation, ‘Kripalaya’ was started on 29th June 1997, on an experimental basis with 3 sisters. The canonical erection of the community took place on 29th June 1999.

Being situated in a rural area, the people whom they serve are poor and come under the category of below poverty line. Drunkenness and wife battering, immoral and unhygienic ways of living, superstitious beliefs and poverty are prevalent among these people. The income of the people depends mainly on manual labour and daily wages. The fishermen earn their living by their fishing trade. Very few people own land to be cultivated. Most of the adults are uneducated and few of the children are school drop outs. The Christian community here is very small and lives among the Hindu fundamentalists. The sisters take care of  the faith formation of the Catholics, meets the health needs of the poor at preventive, promotive and curative levels, pays attention to children’s education, imparts health and value education for the adults, youth and children and assists the poor families to improve their living conditions. In this way they share the merciful and compassionate love of Jesus with the most needy.