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St. Capitanio Convent is situated in Bela, Kasaragod District in the state of Kerala. It was erected on 22nd February 1932 as a memorial of the Foundation of the Institute on the occasion of its centenary. The school was opened for the neglected children of the locality and also for rendering services in socio-pastoral work among the parishioners. As providence would have it, a plot of ten acres of land was donated to the Bishop by Mr Sylvester Rego a generous benefactor of Mangalore and the same was handed over to the sisters. Since the villages were very far and no transport facility was available a children’s home in view of encouraging more children to frequent school and receive education was opened in 1958. In recent years due to social and economic development and improved transport facility the number began declining and so children’s home was closed in 2005. It was then re-di mentioned into St. Capitanio Nursery school to serve as a feeder for our primary school. At present the strength of nursery school is 140. The primary school progressed year by year with a steady strength and at present the strength of the students is 550 with 14 sections of Kannada and English Medium.